Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its not spring but I'll take what I can get

Tom Skilling is Chicago's best known weather man - nay, weather freak. The weather Channel has got nothing on this guy. Their just a bunch of posers. When Tom reports the weather (in print or TV) its like he's teaching graduate level meteorology. And if you're like Jen and you just can't live without your daily hit on the weather bong, well then Tom Skilling is growing the finest weed out there. Since moving here to Chicago, I've learned more than I ever wanted to about barometric pressure, dew points and low pressure systems. But I can't start any workout without Tom's blessing - Tom, buddy how many layers? Do I need sunscreen, a hat or sunglasses? Which direction is the wind blowing and how strong? Is it dry or humid?

Here in Chicago we have some of the most freaky ass weather. And this February has once again proved it. In the first 8 days we had 11 minutes of sunshine and all that came on Feb 1. We went 7 days without another peak at the bright orb. The month is only 28 (ah crap this year is a leap year isn't it?), I mean 29 days but it is the longest month of the year weather wise. In January old man winter takes it to you but you're strong and you fight but by the time February rolls around he just gets dirty and its one drop kick to the rocks after another. Well this morning Jen I were determined to give winter the one finger salute and head downtown to the Lake Front to see if the change of scenery would help at all.

Coach Brett called for a 40 minute run in equal parts Zone 1 and Zone 2 and I decided to make a go of it sans foot pod or HR monitor. And cold or not it was heaven - the Lake Front at it best at sunrise. My run took me from from the Ohio Street Beach to McCormick and back. I just love the way the city view opens up as you round the Shedd heading north. Even the wind cooperated nicely - directly out of the south - headwind out, tailwind back. And for me there is no better way to cap a run than bowing to pray at the alter of Starbucks. With my coffee, a banana, a hammer bar and my Trib, I waited for Jen to finish her run.

At this point in the year it doesn't get much better.

- Him

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