Friday, April 24, 2015

The Un-Race Report: WDW Marathon 2015

(Editors note: Your blogger pal, Schmitty, has had a rough spring. The next post or next several posts will shine a light on that. In the mean time, please allow me to publish a way overdue race report from January. Mostly because I want a reason to post my picture of me and my pal Woody.)


Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by Cigna®

A 26.2 mile run that takes you through four Walt Disney World® theme parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports and the Walt Disney World® SPEEDWAY. From the Magic Kingdom® Park, home of Mickey, Minnie and the whole Disney gang and the wild adventure of Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park, to the show biz excitement of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and incredible Epcot®, your Marathon adventure is unlike any other anywhere on earth.

Sounds delightful doesn't it? It certainly does to this Mouse fan.

It's no secret that The Triathlife are fans of Disney...forever let us hold our Disney Geek banner high (high, high, high). And to their credit, Disney has truly embraced running.

There are now countless events on both coasts at all times of the year. Marathons, half-marathons, 10ks, 5ks, morning races, evening races, costume races (well, who am I kidding, every race at Disney is a costume race). If you build a Disney race, the Disney fan will come.

So on January 9th, Team Schmitty winged their way to sunny Lake Buena Vista, Florida to ensconce ourselves in the land of magical memories. But on that given Sunday, what began as the most magical race on earth quickly descended into a most magical death march.

Let's cut to the bullets, shall we?
  • I was injured going in. Adductor strain. OK it's my groin. But I hate typing "groin" much less saying it and it's my blog and we like to keep things sophisticated here -- adductor.
  • The genesis of the injury was Ironman....all the way back in September.
  • I did all my training hurt though I was able to "manage" the injury...for the most part.
  • When you train on an injury, the other parts gotta make up for whatever structural deficiencies are occuring...toward the end of training the rest of my leg started shutting down...hip flexor, quad, hamstring, glute. I had issues from hip to knee. 
  • Saw Dr Drynan at Active Body I think 5 times in the last 10 days prior to leaving for Florida to see if we could ART and Graston my leg back into submission. 
  • Game plan was - run "easy" through the half and then if I felt ok I would start to put the pedal down. 
  • I got to 11 or 12 in a fairly pedestrian fashion but between 12-15 the condition of my leg just deteriorated.  
  • Felt great otherwise...except that I was running/limping/walking on a painful stump. 
  • Basically walked from miles 15-23. Gutted out the final 5k as best as I could manage. 
  • Crossed the line in 4:34:36. Schmitty's worst stand alone marathon finish.
Just can't seem to get this marathon thing right. 

But Jen had a great race and it's hard to be depressed for too long when I'm in my happy place. And Mickey waffles at Chef Mickey's are Disney soup for the Schmitty soul. Onward.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Making The Triathlife Work

We had a relatively minor but rather interesting intrusion into our lives this past weekend. And as part of that fun we were asked the question (and I'm paraphrasing here) -

"What makes Team Schmitty work?"

I immediately deferred to Jen and left her stranded to field this query solo. My mind was swimming. Mostly because I am immediately reminded of a couple of folks ("friends" at the time) who were so convinced that my marrying Jen was the most egregious of life decisions, that they individually (and independently) wrote me letters telling me as much. That's right. Jen and I weren't going to last. Our relationship had no chance.

And we've toasted to those doubters on every September 13th since. Touché.

What do the kids say? Haters gonna hate.

But back to the question at hand...and to the person who asked it. I kinda feel I still owe you an answer.

First, Jen and I had the good fortune -- life's great benefit -- of having incredible role models. Our parents and four sets of grandparents. Literally hundreds of years of marriage and rock solid partnerships. We are lucky in that respect. They left us the treasure map. Life's building plans.

But here's the thing. Those "friends" of mine we're kinda right. I wasn't ready for Jen. My private life was in major upheaval. I needed some ripening and Jen pretty much had the unfortunate front row seat to watch me gain my footing...for the first several years of our marriage (heck probably even a little bit still to this day). She didn't deserve that. But true to form, with complete grace and unwavering patience, she waited me out and eventually I caught up to her. And even with all that mess I still truly believe our meeting and it's timing was Providence. My faith tells me that it could not have happened any other way.

But again, back to the original question...the one thing that rang true for me the very first day we met...the reason why we work....quite simply, she is my compliment. She balanced the equation for me. We became fast friends and are even better pals now. I like who I am when I'm with her. I am better because of her. We have many of the same interests but approach those interests in our own unique way. So every life experience is a new adventure. And, so far, any adversity has brought us closer - individually fragile but together we own it.

Are we perfect? Um, quite humorously, no. Absolutely not. But we do pretty good. It works for us as individuals, as a couple, as working professionals, as age group triathletes and as doggie parents (woof!)

Now, if I could only convince her to come wait in line with me to see the next Star Wars movie in December...then maybe we'd really have something special ;)

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 - So what did we learn?

  • Foo Fighters are still the worlds greatest rock and roll band 
  • The journey of 140.6 miles begins with a trip to the port-a-potty 
  • My wife is the strongest person I know
  • No cuts, no buts, no coconuts
  • Coach Liz is very wise
  • I'm a fairly proficient air drummer
  • Rest is still training
  • Have you checked your bus for sleeping children? Well, have you?
  • Watch ye for ye know not when the intestinal devil cometh
  • If one beer is good and two beers is better...then five beers will have you agreeing to do an ultra-marathon
  • The Triathlife is becoming less about speed and more about longevity (I know, I heard it as soon as I typed it). 
  • But podiums at any age and any distance are still pretty cool
  • Be pro-active with your are responsible for you...get on that.
  • Science still hasn't come up with a pill or potion that can replace hard work and good decisions
  • Be kind
  • Hug it out
  • Wear brightly colored socks
-- HIM