Monday, August 18, 2014

So you're telling me there's a chance

So, this happened a few weeks ago:

Which sent Schmitty into a raging fit of in - OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

You see, if Lauren is coming to Chicago to run on 8/31, it stands to reason that maybe, just maybe there's a chance that MR. Lauren Fleshman might be here as well.

Mr Lauren Fleshman being pro triathlete, Jesse Thomas.

Schmitty has made it no secret that he publicly stalks is a big fan of Jesse. The dude is super fast, spins a terrific yarn (be it his blog or his articles in Triathlete Magazine), rocks a mighty fro and see's the world through aviators when he runs. He is also CEO and Co-Founder (along with Lauren) of Picky Bars, Inc.

Schmitty has had the good fortune of corresponding with Jesse on occasion albeit in 140 character fashion via the Twitter. While I'm certain that Jesse is heads down right now getting ready for 70.3 worlds (September 7th in Mont-Tremblant, Cananda) I just wonder what the chances are that he stops by the windy city on his way across the continent.

Like 1 out of 100?


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Scramble: August 7, 2014

Schmit happens:
The Triathlife certainly had a different vision for this summer. Both my "build-to-Ironman" races were a bust. I missed the Rockford Triathlon in June after I put my bike on the tarmac the week before -- the wrist/thumb injury still lingers (bothersome on long rides and long swims). Then the day before we were set to leave for Door County mah doggie went and pinched a nerve in his neck (was told he may have slipped a disk) and he had to be under total puppy lock down (little to no activity). This was rough. We were totally packed. Door was our mid summer "race-cation" and having completed this race twice in the past we were really looking forward to some time up north. Could Lance have stayed with a local vet that boards sick doggies? Sure. Was I going to have any peace of mind? No way. I couldn't stomach putting him up in a strange place AND him staying in a crate 24 hours a day. As it was, we left him out of his crate and he literally laid on his left side with out moving for almost 72 hours straight. I'm still at peace with our decision not to go but my wallet lets out a huge sigh any time I even try to calculate lost race entry fees...this year and years past. But stuff happens. And that's why we call it "The Triathlife" and not "we have a perfect life and we do triathlon stuff and smell like roses after every long ride." It's time to dwell, time to move on (I realize the irony in that statement since I am writing about it now). And Schmitty married a planner so we are always looking forward. Oh you're a planner too? Well, last year we planned our vacations through 2017.  Yep. I'm looking right at you. I could probably submit my full year vacation requests for the next two years and be within a day or two of accurate.

Well, have you?!
Have you checked your bus for sleeping children?
I see this sign at least once a week as it's along one of my return routes (long rides). Middle of nowhere school bus depot in Burr Ridge, Illinois. It strikes me as funny. Especially in the absence of other bus driver/mechanical related reminders - e.g "Have you checked your tire pressure?" What could have happened necessitating such a sign...banner really. Was it a singular incident or had this bus sleeping children pandemic escalated to the point that the administration was like - "well, we've exhausted all of our options...the only thing left to try is a 10 foot by 5 foot bright green banner with large black letters. If that doesn't work, well, God help us all."

In sickness and in health
Jen is sick. Has been for 10 days. Like really sick. Like it turned into pink eye sick. Ironman is a month away. Schmitty is smack in the middle of the last big block of training before taper...getting in a lot of solid work...making lots of huge training deposits into the Iron bank. I know the dude in the white robe said "in sickness and in health" but if we had known then what we know now there would have been the Iron clause..."except when training for Ironman."  I love you Jen but Schmitty's got Ironman stuff to do. My baby wants Starbucks? Done. My baby wants flowers to cheer her up? Great. But just stay away from me and my stuff. They don't make Purell strong enough or water hot enough.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Scramble: August 1, 2014

Run Schmitty, run
Ouchie. That run last night was tough. It's peak volume season and the last big building block before Ironman. This week that means a mid-week long run in favor of more riding and varied workouts over the weekend. The interwebs at the Training Peaks told me to run 2:30:00. I got in 17.5 of varying intensities over the course of 2:17:00. And all of it felt like the last 6.2 miles of a marathon. All of it. Maybe I have cumulative fatigue setting in, maybe it was doing the run at the end of the day, maybe it was the three tostadas that I had for lunch (jk). Well it's in the bank now as we endurance athletes say. But I feel like I made this deposit and the bank teller was Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris really didn't want me to make the deposit. It is what it is. Just gotta get my head wrapped around 9 hours in the saddle this weekend.

Go me.

Along for the ride
So this past Tuesday I'm out for a morning gallop on my steed and I pass this gent out on his mountain bike and offer him a cheerful good morning.  If I had to venture a guess I would say that he was a wrench (bike mechanic). He was riding on what appeared to be a custom build, he had his old school cycling cap (no helmet), large black hipster eye glasses, and, at well over 6 feet tall, looked like his legs could deliver the hurt at the front of any Saturday morning testosterone fueled club ride. After I passed he worked to catch up to me and then he sat on my wheel for about a half mile. I got a little irritated but I also didn't want to be a jerk and bogart his ride but I sat up. He squared up next to me and I smiled and told him I wasn't going to pull him. Well this got his Warby Parkers a little bent out of shape and we traded a couple of jabs and then he went back to sitting on. Now, I get it...I could have just rode and done the whole cyclist as band of brothers thing...but here's why I'm irritated. I don't know what kind of cyclist he is. I didn't invite him to sit on. And by sitting on he puts me in a position to lead. I have to think about every need to brake and minor navigation in the road so he doesn't come plowing up into my wheel. I let him sit on the rest of the way down Willow Springs Road when I could have been a complete tool and sat up entirely and come to a stop.

Am I alone in feeling this way? I don't think I am but am open to hearing out the court of public opinion on this one.