Friday, April 24, 2015

The Un-Race Report: WDW Marathon 2015

(Editors note: Your blogger pal, Schmitty, has had a rough spring. The next post or next several posts will shine a light on that. In the mean time, please allow me to publish a way overdue race report from January. Mostly because I want a reason to post my picture of me and my pal Woody.)


Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by Cigna®

A 26.2 mile run that takes you through four Walt Disney World® theme parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports and the Walt Disney World® SPEEDWAY. From the Magic Kingdom® Park, home of Mickey, Minnie and the whole Disney gang and the wild adventure of Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park, to the show biz excitement of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and incredible Epcot®, your Marathon adventure is unlike any other anywhere on earth.

Sounds delightful doesn't it? It certainly does to this Mouse fan.

It's no secret that The Triathlife are fans of Disney...forever let us hold our Disney Geek banner high (high, high, high). And to their credit, Disney has truly embraced running.

There are now countless events on both coasts at all times of the year. Marathons, half-marathons, 10ks, 5ks, morning races, evening races, costume races (well, who am I kidding, every race at Disney is a costume race). If you build a Disney race, the Disney fan will come.

So on January 9th, Team Schmitty winged their way to sunny Lake Buena Vista, Florida to ensconce ourselves in the land of magical memories. But on that given Sunday, what began as the most magical race on earth quickly descended into a most magical death march.

Let's cut to the bullets, shall we?
  • I was injured going in. Adductor strain. OK it's my groin. But I hate typing "groin" much less saying it and it's my blog and we like to keep things sophisticated here -- adductor.
  • The genesis of the injury was Ironman....all the way back in September.
  • I did all my training hurt though I was able to "manage" the injury...for the most part.
  • When you train on an injury, the other parts gotta make up for whatever structural deficiencies are occuring...toward the end of training the rest of my leg started shutting down...hip flexor, quad, hamstring, glute. I had issues from hip to knee. 
  • Saw Dr Drynan at Active Body I think 5 times in the last 10 days prior to leaving for Florida to see if we could ART and Graston my leg back into submission. 
  • Game plan was - run "easy" through the half and then if I felt ok I would start to put the pedal down. 
  • I got to 11 or 12 in a fairly pedestrian fashion but between 12-15 the condition of my leg just deteriorated.  
  • Felt great otherwise...except that I was running/limping/walking on a painful stump. 
  • Basically walked from miles 15-23. Gutted out the final 5k as best as I could manage. 
  • Crossed the line in 4:34:36. Schmitty's worst stand alone marathon finish.
Just can't seem to get this marathon thing right. 

But Jen had a great race and it's hard to be depressed for too long when I'm in my happy place. And Mickey waffles at Chef Mickey's are Disney soup for the Schmitty soul. Onward.

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