Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Your session has expired due to inactivity

As Schmitty goes, I guess so goes The Triathlife.

We both took a bit of a break.

After Team Schmitty (and friend Jeff) went and raced the Grand Rapids Triathlon back on June 14, the opinions that matter most convinced me to do a reset. I had compounding injuries that ate into huge chunks of training (and living) since the beginning of the year -- including an upper glute/lower back strain that seized my SI joint...rendering me unable to walk for a week and keeping me out of any training for almost five weeks.

Just toeing the line at Grand Rapids was a fairly big accomplishment. I had to promise both Jen and Coach Liz that I wouldn't do any red-lining. And I had to stop if anything seemed "not right". And by "not right" I mean physically since it goes without saying that in terms of a mental state, I'm "not right."

And, as it turns out, I had a fairly decent race despite lack of training and all the rain. So. Much. Rain.

So what does a Schmitty do when he's not training or racing?

Schmitty gets a new job, Schmitty watches Jen win her AG at the Holiday Man Sprint Triathlon, Schmitty goes to the D23 Expo (think comic con for the Disney nerds) and Schmitty parties with David Grohl & Co at Wrigly Field.

And Schmitty strength trains at "Coaching by G."

Coach Giulia is helping Schmitty exorcise weakness (the power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!) and how to generate more power.  I've temporarily thrown the book out on functional strength work. We've taken Schmitty olypic style. See Schmitty deadlift.  See Schmitty power clean. See Schmitty split jerk (giggle) and military press, and push press and front squat and back squat and box jump and kettle-bell and weight lifting and junk.

I think it's working for the most part. At the very least my lack of skill and prowess in the weight room provides Coach G with comic relief twice weekly at 5am.

More to come.

- HIM.

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