Thursday, February 17, 2011

How do you justify your triathlon expenses?

Wow. Triathlons be 'spensive! Going over the credit card bill last night and January was one serious month for The Triathlife household. The plastic practically melted in my wallet as an entire year of race registrations were secured during this billing cycle. Then add to that all the travel reservations, assorted equipment purchases and a complete rebuild of my road bike and we are well north of "holy $hit this is a little out of control." That said, I must admit that even though its double the expense, I'm actually glad that we are BOTH in this sport. There's no need to reason with the other half of the bank account why a race costs this much or why you need another pair of shoes or those pedals. But what happens when there are two of you and only one side of the relationship is triathlon crazy. What's that conversation like? I mean, I have ring on my finger so I do understand the fine art of marital negotiations but Jen and I have always wondered what its like when the other half isn't under the endurance influence. And wether its different for the dude versus the chick. Feel free to comment. I'd be interested to hear.

- Him


s said...
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Carlos Vilchez said...

One thing to keep in mind is that our equipment is somewhat of an investment. I recently spoke to a buddy who bought a 2004 Cervelo P3 for $1300. Not sure how how much it retailed for back then but that's still a pretty good chunk of coin to get back... Point is, our equipment holds value, as you upgrade, there is a market for your old stuff!

J2 said...

Carlos you're right about the investment part. Folks do it with other hobbies, right? I have brothers who pour all kinds of coin in to their musical pursuits.