Monday, January 25, 2016

More Shallow Thoughts

Off-season training.


Lots of time to ruminate in shallow waters.

Are you talking to me?
The latest generation of amateur runner's have lost their manners. It takes Schmitty back to a time of VCR's and New Coke when SNL was still funny and relevant. Tom Hanks and Jon Lovitz had this "Girl Watcher" bit -- and I think of that skit every time I get a cold, non-response to a cheerful greeting or wave --

"Hello?....and Goodbye"
"Howdy do?....and howdy don't".

See a runner. Say hi to a runner. The real world version of The Facebook like.

Swimming Upstream
I scored two seconds on my swim threshold pace last week. This will mean little to anyone else. I don't know how much it even means to me. However, in this sport, if my age is going up and my times are coming down, that is a good thing.

You know what grinds my gears? 
TV comedies and their teachable moments -- Hey there court jester, dance around and make funny but leave the preaching to NBC's "The More You Know."

Speaking of manners
I've noticed a steep fall off when it comes to folks saying "excuse me." Wanna test my theory? Go to a Whole Foods on a Saturday morning and park yourself in front of some produce.

Stop children, what's that sound
With the manner in which some guys talk and act in locker rooms, it truly is a miracle that any of us are married.

I heart coffee
The barista made a heart in my latte today. As opposed to the usual leaf. Should I read anything into this?

I get to triathlon today!
I use "I have to" far too often when referring to my training. I think it comes from searching for some sort of empathy. Which is silly. If triathlon was my livelihood then, yes, I should be allowed to say "I have to." But I don't have to. I get to. I get to swim this morning. I get to run today. I get to ride my bike. Because it's fun. Because I have the good fortune, my health and the time, place and opportunity to do so.  I get to live The Triathlife.


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