Monday, March 24, 2008

This and That

What a relaxed weekend. Slept in some but got out at it and ran hard on Saturday morning despite the slush and ice. Then spent time with the paper and online then went to the gym in the afternoon and got us some Chipotle (I hear team SlipstreamChipotle got invited to TdF this year along with HighRoad - yay US cycling but for the love of Lance please Tour would you let Levi Ride!!!!!). Sunday morning was spent sleeping in (need to beg forgiveness at Church next week) and then 1:40 on the trainer. Didn't know what else to rent so I watched "Meet the Robinsons." The Disney disciple in me felt bad that I hadn't seen it yet. Nice movie but Disney animation just is not really on par with the rich story and character development found in cousin Pixar films. It was better than recent efforts however and it did make the time pass. I noticed a nice blend of CG and old school layering. No one can match the richness of Disney and Pixar animation. After removing the saddle from my butt I got my coffee, my paper and settled in for the next hour or so. The afternoon was spent wedged in the big chair in front of basketball and my iBook. Plus we caught up on Top Chef. Man Bravo really gets it right with Project Runway and Top Chef. Love those shows. Plus Top Chef is in Chicago and sorry for being biased but there are few cities that can rival Chicago in the summer (which is when this was shot). Can't, can't wait for summer!!!!

Really want winter to over and done with. Can't think of the last time that Easter was welcomed by several inches of snow. I'm not hard core when it comes to riding in the cold but generally speaking I would have been out for several rides by this time of the year. I usually gage the spring with one lone thought - all I ask for is leaves on the trees by my birthday (May 4th btw). I have a feeling that we may miss that mark this year. Training is coming along pretty well. I think I'm still in base training and came in around 9:45:00 for last weeks total. It was one of those weeks that when I wasn't at work I was training. Long hours for the job and long hours for triathlon fun time. Time for little else.

Making progress in my swim, I've moved to the strength phase in my weight program but my run is a bit behind schedule. Going to be working on that on Monday nights at the Concordia track in River Forest with some really speedy mates. They humor me like a mascot. It forces me to run harder than I normally would so I can deal with it.

Just scheduled the next monthly trail run for the Salt Creek Tri Club. We're meeting at the York Road trail head in Elmhurst on Saturday April 5th at 7:30. My brother may be along for that one so that's cool. But prior to that we have the Shamrock Shuffle this weekend downtown. Supposed to meet up with all kinds of BTers for breakfast afterwards. We'll see how that goes.

More later.

- Him

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