Friday, March 7, 2008

Work to live, live to tri

Wow what a week. I really don't want to use this forum (at least not today) to complain about work - I am blessed and am truly fortunate. Actually if you really knew me you'd say I was lucky - its all smoke and mirrors. I just wonder when I'm going to get found out. Anyway this was a long week and with a lot of client meetings I had to be switched on for the better part of it. Its times like this when my workouts are something to get through as opposed to a release - the therapy that I need them to be. Work became my priority this week and I hate that. I remember when I graduated from college how I couldn't wait to be a professional and to get on with my life and find my identity in my work. I wanted to be Michael J. Fox in The Secret of My Success and make my way from the mail room to the C level in a matter of weeks. Now, when I walk into a room I secretly really want people to know that I'm a triathlete. That I get up at insanely hours in the morning; that I like the smell of chlorine; that I currently rotate 6 pairs of running shoes (with 2 more pairs new in their box waiting their turn); that I care more about my tri bike than my car; that I spend more money on my "nutritionals" than I do on groceries; that I shave my legs! Weird part is that when people do find out about my hobby, I have a hard time calling myself a triathlete. To me that title seems reserved for the pros. I'm just a guy who swims, bikes and runs and occasionally I do it all on the same day back to back to back.

Regardless I love training and racing and outside of God and my marriage that's where I find my identity. I have a hard time with weeks like last week because I have to swap that identity for something, or rather, for someone else. But that someone else pays some of the bills around here so he has to run the show from time to time. I just prefer that he does his business and leaves as soon as possible so the rest of us can get on with our training.

- Him

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