Saturday, April 26, 2008

The life part

Holy crap - April 5th was the last time I posted. Its been three weeks. A very crazy three weeks. Lots of late nights at work (Fridays included, damn-it). Most days have been get up, work out, go to work, get home, stuff pie hole, go to sleep, repeat. No time for extra thought or impulsive activities. I know. I shouldn't be complaining. I have a job. For which I am extremely grateful. And I get to train. I don't have to. Its a privilege and a blessing. However its the wedging it all in part that creates the stress. And then there's that other thing that I don't have as true right of passaged adult - I don't have children. (side rant - don't dare get either of us started on this one - who are the ones in the office that pick up the slack when little Timmy has a ball game or Sally needs to be picked up from School? There is no sympathy in the work place for the childless. We are seen as selfish work-aholics...but that's a topic for another post). I have personal goals that I am unwilling to give up focus on. Is that wrong? So its times like these where work and training become concentrated and there is little time for updating a blog or checking in with friends on Facebook. Heck if it weren't for my 40 minute drive home my family and friends wouldn't even hear from me. Before I close this particular post I need to send some shout outs - Birthdays this month: Mom, Dad, Lauren, Grandma. Races - Nashville 1/2 Mary (today!): Nathan, Laura and Kelly.

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