Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gassy Americans

Put this in the file - "Americans still just don't get it."

Out on my run last night I passed by one of Oak Park's baseball complexes where two Pony League games where going on. All parking is street parking and I was amazed, on two levels, at the number of parents out in their vehicles while the games were going on. First, the apparent parental apathy and lack of involvement on display (granted, given the knack for arguing and throwing tantrums during little league games these days, most of these car sitting parents were probably kicked off the field by the umps); and second, the fact that all these cars were idling so the occupants could sit in cool, air conditioned comfort at $4.50 a gallon (not to mention all the CO2 emissions going on). And then someone driving a Hummer H2 mowed down three maples trees and destroyed all manner of natural wild life habitat. Ok, I made that last part up but do you see my point? If not then let me put it in simple terms...Americans "care" until if affects our own comfort and requires some type of sacrifice and effort.

I know that has nothing to do with triathlons but it was a thought I had on a training run, so there. Have a triathloneriffic day!


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