Sunday, July 6, 2008

Race Report - Nashville July 4th Music City 10K

This past weekend our good friends Nathan and Aimee opened their home to Jen and I to share their July 4th weekend (shout out to their neighbors for letting us crash their block party - Go Corn Hole!). A little added bonus to our trip was being able to run the Music City 10K in downtown Nashville on the morning of the 4th. The 10K was two loops of the 5K course being run at the same time. I had a goal in mind but being a flatland trainer I knew that the course involved several nasty climbs each loop. In addition I've never ran a 10k competitively outside a triathlon (within a triathlon my PR is 42:30).

Pre-race: EZ does it. The usual. Sport drink, Clif Bloks and a visit to the portajohnny. Stayed pretty loose hanging out with Nathan, Aimee and Jen. Peeled off about 15 minutes prior to the race to warm up. Felt a little tight and my legs felt squirrelly. No worries. Said my good lucks prior and got set up close to the front. Watched my HR go from 104 to 160 when they started the countdown.

Race: Started fine. Pacing around 6:25/6:30 the first 2+ miles. Then came the wall. It wasn't the time that it took to get up it but as the third good climb (again I'm a flatlander so these are climbs to me) it just took such a bite out of my legs. No give up though but it took me a little bit to gather my head. On the second loop it started to rain a bit. At this point the field was spread out and all most of us were doing was passing the 5k walkers. Going into the second loop I knew I didn't have a PR in me but I just kept pushing. The wall beat the living crap out of me again on the second loop, caught my breath just briefly and then I just floored it the rest of the way. Finished in a sprint for a good show. Saw Aimee and the first thing out of my mouth was "that was a bitch!" Got some Vitamin water (sponsor) and made my way back up the course to cheer for Nathan and Jen.

Post Race: Saw Nathan and Jen. Both looked strong. Tough course and its always good to finish strong. In this race they hand out awards for top 6 male and female and top 6 male and female out of state - which I thought I had a shot at. Sure enough. A 43:32 gave me 18th overall, 15th male, 4th out of state and 1 AG (M35-39). My first career winnings. Yay me.

Fun time. The hills give you good views of downtown. And being with friends, well, that's even better.

- Him

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