Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Drank My Last Diet Coke

No, really, this time I'm serious. As I've posted on here before, I have a love/hate relationship with Diet Coke. I love it...pure and simple. But, I HATE the way it makes me feel. It's not the caffeine, it's the aspartame. I can drink ice tea and feel just fine. But after drinking Diet Coke several days in a row I am sluggish and dizzzy, have regular bouts of heart palpitations, and just generally feel out of it. So why do I continue to drink it? Because I love the taste and it makes me feel like I'm getting a "treat" for zero calories. But it's just not worth it anymore. Starting tomorrow, I will be Diet Coke free (okay, except for MAYBE on vacation). Wish me luck. Are there Diet Coke Anonymous groups out there? I may need help.

- Her

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J2 said...

I am here to keep you honest.