Monday, November 24, 2008

Done and DONE!!

The 18-miler is in the books. And I don't even think I injured myself. The ole' legs are still feeling a little sore and creaky, but no major flare-ups of old injuries. This is all good. I'm feeling so confident with the mileage I've put in over the past few weeks that I'm calling the next week to 10 days my "super rest week." I've got a good base built up and I want to get myself recovered enough to put in solid efforts during my last three long runs (18/20/22). Of course, the super rest week required me to deviate from my schedule a bit and that always makes me nervous. But I'm becoming more confident in my self-coaching and know when this almost-37-year-old body needs a break. Of course the break also happens to coincide with our vacation to Disney...isn't that convenient?! We take off Thanksgiving morning for the land of the Mouse and I plan to focus first and foremost on recharging the batteries while I'm down there. I'll get in some short/medium distance runs, hit the gym a couple of times, but it will be mostly about food and fun. I'll be back on December 6th and hit the ground running...literally, I've got an 18-miler scheduled for the 7th. Until then, hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble!

- Her

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