Sunday, November 9, 2008

My "power song" is all relative.

So I had a odd, surreal, and a rather pleasant and very proud surprise on my run yesterday. But let me first put this disclaimer on this post...

I'm not a big fan or proponent of running with ear buds in and music on unless in the confines of a track or on a treadmill. Now I understand why people train with music and I know I tend to be a bit of a purist but I think there's a safety component that has to be considered. And I absolutely think race directors need to better enforce the bans on headphones at races - but that's a topic for another day.

Now with all that said I occasionally will run with headphones at the track especially during a long workout and I refuse to do a "dreadmill" workout without musical enhancement. Enter yesterday morning. Got up late and therefore lost the therapeutic solitude of a pre-sunrise weekend morning run. The late start killed my running attitude and I was not looking forward to my run - at all. I gulped hard and resorted to grabbing some tunes. Fast forward to the end of my workout in the last mile prior to cool down and I desperately needed some umph when a familiar song shuffles in on the iPod. It didn't hit me right away until I started singing along - "hey its my brothers!" Not that I was surprised to hear them - I did consciously put the song on my playlist - but when the first few bars came over the ear buds I went about grooving to it like I would any other song that I totally dig. As if it were something from the indie rock top 40. Yes, this white boy's iPod rock out "power song" yesterday was "Melody" from the debut CD titled Canyon by the group Thicker Than Water (my bros David, Joe, Andrew and Daniel). How wicked cool is that?

- Him

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