Sunday, November 23, 2008

She can't take much more Captain

Got beat up today pretty bad. Run ended up just shy of 16 miles. Coach has me running by time versus by mileage and so today I had the usual warm up (WU) and cool down (CD) and sandwiched in between was 90 minutes at marathon pace. Right now my mary pace is 6:43/mile. I ran a little too fast today but not by much overall at right around 6:40/mile (90 minutes covering 13.45 miles). The problem was the first hour where I was around 6:30-6:40. I did myself no favors by trying to overachieve. Coach explained to me the physiological repercussions of running beyond the designed intensities. Boy howdy was he right. The last 30 minutes was so painful. Glutes, quads, calves - no fiber or strand of muscled was spared from the torture. I had to run/walk my CD - mostly walk.

The other thing that coach is going to have me do as a result is track my nutrition on (not dot org but dot com). He thinks that I may not be getting enough protein in my diet. Apparently, everyday healthy Joe's and Jane's should get around .8 grams per kilogram of body weight (1lbs = .45 kg). Endurance athletes generally need to increase that number to 1.8 grams. So even though I'm but a wee man, I need to consume a hefty 110 grams of protein a day (and yes if you did the math I only weight that much).

The folks at Livestrong have put together a great site with an awesome calorie and food diary tool. Very comprehensive. I'm going to play with it a bit and will give it a proper review late. In fact maybe I'll create a post soon with all the tools and sites that I track and find data on. This world wide web thing is one crazy mother. If you haven't you should really check it out.

- Him

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