Monday, November 3, 2008

Will run for chocolate!

Yesterday Jen and I found out way to the nation's most beautiful city on a lakefront to participate in the 1st annual Hot Chocolate 15k/5k presented by Hershey's and RAM (Running Away Mutlisport) Racing.

And, yes its true, chicks dig chocolate. As evidence for the 15k there were about 500 guys and over 1000 ladies.

Well put together race (especially for an inaugural event) and minus some strong winds off the lake the weather couldn't have been better. Jen and I had a really fun time.

I've never run a 15K as a race. Given my current training I pretty much nailed it - 59:44 for a 6:25 pace. I finished 28th overall (26th male and 6th AG). I settled in right at the beginning and just rocked it. The course was a little odd though and I think they changed the route at the last second. As advertised we were supposed to run a north/south/north route from Montrose to Foster down to North Ave then back to Montrose. But we were all over the place - sometimes on the lake front path and sometimes through parking lots and up onto the grass. It was like they were drunk or it was really dark when they put the cones out this morning. Ended up doing a lot of east-west zigzagging and the course turned back on itself too many times to remember.

All in all a good race and one that I would certainly do again. Lots of AG prizes and there was a ton of chocolate - hot chocolate (very tasty and hot - surprising given the numbers), massive amounts of this chocolate fondue s'mores thing and plenty of snack-sized Hershey's everything from Kisses, to Reeses to Twizzlers and Kit-Kats.

A neat twist on the post race goodies that usually consist of bananas and bagels.

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