Friday, January 9, 2009

5 Hour Energy Test

Triathletes are the worlds largest focus group and or guinea pigs. We are early adapters and will try any new piece of equipment if we think it will help or give us any type of advantage. If they said the color pink shaves seconds of your time every start line would like a flock of flamingos. Nutrition is a big part of this. Granted most folks won't be adding 5 Hour Energy to their training and racing regiment but I betcha some will. And besides I'm curious.

5 Hour Energy Lemon Lime flavor

8:10AM - down the hatch. And that lemon lime flavor was obviously a guess or suggestion. Glad its only 2oz. Tastes like ass.

8:30AM - holy crap! Even for someone who drinks a 16oz coffee every morning this was an instant spike. Because you sip coffee (generally speaking) the affect is more gradual. But because I downed the whole thing I went from sedate to running through walls in the matter of 10 minutes. The energy I felt though made me less patient and very agitated as opposed to that nice coffee caffeine hum.

9:00AM - I just got off a conference call with folks from my agency. Luckily no clients. I found myself overly aggressive and shouting into the phone. But that wasn't the weird part. Kidding yes it was. I am on a tear.

10:30AM - I'm picking off emails like a sharp shooter...who is drunk and blind folded. I've had to send three email corrections already. Oh and I've grown an afro. Saweet.

11:00AM - Am finally feeling calmer. I'm back to speaking at relatively normal speeds. Its a snowy morning and would have been the perfect day for that hot cup of java.

12:00PM - I'm coming off the high but not crashing so there seems to be a bit of truth in the claims that I've heard. I'm somewhat disappointed though cause I really thought I would go berserk. Sweating, levitation, super powers. Something.

Final analysis. Well, for me there's no replacing my morning cup of joe. Its my only vice and I'm not replacing it. However, in a pinch say if I'm on a long drive and feeling a little sluggish I may grab this. At $2.99 its a little steep compared to a can of diet coke but not so much when compared to a can of sugar free red bull (yes from time to time I've been know to ride the bull). I wonder how safe a product like this would be on a race day? Granted there are gels that have caffeine but this was like 5Xs more potent.

- Him


Laura said...

So... you made it exactly 20 minutes, eh? I've gotta say, I didn't feel the spike quite as much.. more even keel for me. Of course, it's not abnormal for me to get my caffeine through 2 wonderful Excedrin tablets, so maybe I'm used to injesting it that way...

How did the other 4:40 of the test go?

J2 said...

sorry laura - i was on high client alert yesterday with two web measurement reports due for back to back conference calls in the afternoon. in my altered state i was able to take notes though.

Laura said...

Work?? You let WORK interfere with this? Priorities, man, priorities.