Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Improved Me

Happy 2009! I'm not going to go into some long summary of 2008, because most of you know that it was a year of unsettledness for me. The smartest thing I did in 2008 was to make the decision to pull out of all of my end of the year races (including the Phoenix Marathon) and take a long time off. Really off. Like doing NOTHING off. For the last four weeks I have not done anything swim/bike/run related and have eaten pretty much anything I wanted. I had my fair share of wine. I slept in until 8:30am (I know...CRAZY!). And I loved it. But I'm getting antsy. And I've gained a few more pounds (on top of the 10 I already needed to lose). And I'm ready to go. But I've also gained a new perspective.

2009 is going to be about me. It's going to be about doing the races I want to do and doing the training I want to do to get myself there. I am going to be in control of my destiny. This is dangerous territory for me because I'm so structured and a very "all or nothing" person. I'm also a bit of a people pleaser and a follower. But I think it's where I need to be. It will teach me to live in the moment and to trust myself more. Which is always a good thing when it comes to triathlons...and life in general. So I'm excited for what 2009 has in store for the year of Jen.

As of tonight the vacation is officially over and I'm back at it starting tomorrow morning (bright and early at 4:45am). I'll be loosely following a winter maintenance plan from for most of January, February and March. This plan is meant to build my base and get me ready for the real start of tri training in April. I'm also looking into hiring a personal trainer to help me increase my functional strength, something I desperately need. And I'm getting serious about those 10 pounds. They need to go! It's a lot to tackle, but I have the rest I need to start the journey and I'm ready to go.

Stay's going to be a wild ride!

- Her

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Laura said...

I'm seeing a lot of "this is the year of ME!" around triathlon town these days. I'm totally there with ya!