Sunday, February 22, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the marathon...

So that's my left leg. Specifically the outside along the IT band. This is the result of ART and Graston Therapy. Trust me, appearances aside, its working and healing. The wicked crazy bruising is the result of breaking up a ton of scar tissue. Its not a quick fix process. I have a long way to go. Today I ran only my 3rd and 4th mile since Thanksgiving. I ended up averaging 6:55 today which surprised me. I guess subconsciously I was trying to get my run in before it started to hurt. Admittedly I was a little nervous. The kind of nervous like when you leave food too long in a container in the fridge and you know you need to open it up but you just don't know what you're going to find inside. I just didn't know what to expect this morning and am o.k. to pleased. I hit the therapy tomorrow and then I'll try the treadmill later in the week.

In the mean time I'm making good use of the pool (here in the OP at the FFC and even pools in Winnipeg and Minneapolis with all my travel lately). It my weakest event and I'm finally being forced to work at it. So I've been channeling Dory - "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. just keep swimming..."

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