Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Art of the Deal

With the onset of March Madness I am reminded that spring is not far around the corner for those of us in the Midwest. Of course, being from Chicago, I don't ever feel completely comfortable with that statement until the middle of July.

So aside from the occasional indoor triathlon series for cold weather shut ins, just about everyone who has been using the winter to base build turns their hopeful eyes to race season. And with the two of us (Jen and I) with two different seasonal goals its the scheduling part that gets a little tricky. And this year we have the added pleasure of the following considerations: the shaky economy thing; newly created family obligations (pressure, really); and a pending dog purchase. The brew gets murkier and murkier.

I guess if I were just going to races to "participate" it wouldn't be such a big deal. Just show up and let what happens, happens. But its the whole wanting to be competitive and at peak form for my 'A' races that make it a somewhat challenging task (How much taper do I need? Will I have enough recovery time? How much racing is too much?). As with every season I am in intense negotiations with Jen on a few races. We're at the table with our list of demands but at least both sides are talking to each other and not through the press (or Facebook). Yet. I may have to get channel my inner Ari to make this all happen.

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