Friday, March 27, 2009

Drunk with Chlorine

I think I was in some sort of Chlorine induced haze this morning. I couldn't figure out if I needed to bike or run and I ended up sleeping through the snooze. I was trying to make up a run from earlier in the week. Jen and I swam after work last night (a 2900 arm explosion) then slid next door to refuel at Chipotle with some sweet chicken burrito bowl action. Got home and didn't even watch 5 minutes of round ball and was out cold.

Speaking of the pool. I am a self taught swimmer - if you've had the displeasure of watching me it is painfully obvious. I totally drag ass. But I work at it and work at it and try to convince myself that I love it. I have even decided that it was time that I swam with swimmers. It has forced be to be humble and challenged me to move beyond my imposed thresholds and it inspires me when I see my improvement against others in the pool. That things that have helped me to make some progress are informal demonstrations or techniques. Stuff that gives me creative visual cues as opposed to the technical mumbo jumbo. I found a good one recently on Active. I believe its a series but I thought I'd share this particular link - Freestyle Swimming Tips from Natalie Coughlin.

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