Sunday, March 29, 2009

I hate articles like this

I'm republishing the post. I saw this article over the weekend via the journalistic cliff notes called USA Today. Then Yahoo picks it up and puts it front and center on their home page. I didn't have the right comment for the article until I received an email from Coach BP who put it this way:

"It is important to note that this study is not published in any journals, rather it is a presentation which is not reviewed by any colleagues. It is not surprising that there are more deaths in triathlon, as it is definitely more "beginner" friendly compared to a marathon. I wish the "study" would have looked at baseline characteristics (including medical history) and analyzed triathlons using distance as a variable. Unfortunately these types of studies are par for course of studies presented by MDs and why I put a lot more weight on studies by PhDs who are scientists by training."

Nicely put Coach BP. And thanks for being a guest on The Triathlife. Here's a plug:

Brett Petersen, MS, CSCS
Appointed USAT Mideast Team Elite Performance Coach
USA Triathlon Level II Coach
USA Cycling Level II Coach

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