Thursday, March 26, 2009

The negotiation backfire

Its so easy to negotiate with yourself at the beginning of the week since you have the rest of the week to adjust and make good. But I wish my future self could go back and kick past self's ass out of bed on Monday and Tuesday. Cause now future self has no wiggle room and is wicked tired. And I still have a swim to get to tonight (going with Jen and have Chipotle to look forward to so that's my workout carrot).

Opened up Yahoo this morning and saw this little tidbit - a remake of The Three Stooges. Are they killing a classic? I don't care. I want it. And I'm sure there will be all kinds of Stooges purists (similar to you Trekker purists who are poo pooing JJ Abrams for killing your Trek) who will bemoan the fact. But I think it sounds like fun. And yes, I like Jim Carrey. Even better, the Farrelly brothers wrote the script.

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