Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And then the quaker man wept

I never thought it possible. I mean there are very few foods that you can't ruin. Heck, even people who claim they can only make toast can burn the toast. But oatmeal? You can have soupy oatmeal. And you can have chewy oatmeal. But the taste remains the same. Enter the Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar in the Radisson Downtown Minneapolis. Sat down with my paper and coffee and was genuinely weirded out by what was put before me - Oatmeal Brulee. Oatmeal covered in Creme Brulee - right down to the crispy seared crusty parts. Now I admit that I'm odd in the fact that I don't like Creme Brulee. However, for some reason I decided to give it a go. Probably shouldn't have. It was awful. It just was.

Another day of travel training. 2900 aqua goodness at the Lifetime Fitness beneath the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. Generally speaking Lifetime's are really nice gyms. This one is just this side of creepy. I think it may be the clientele. Something aint right and I haven't frequented the facility enough to fully ascertain the situation.

And to top my day off I ran into an ex-boss while walking back to my hotel.

Anyway. I still don't get it. How do you ruin oatmeal?

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