Friday, April 3, 2009

GM Rally Caps?

A little Friday side bar to start here. So GM starting running their rally cap commercials this week. If you recall, back in 2001/2002 GM saved us from terrorists with 0% financing. Now they are saving us from the recession with...rally caps? Are they trying to rally us or themselves? What's next, the rally monkey? Terrible towels? V8 Block heads. Any sports fan will tell you that you need the put on the rally caps well before there's an 0-2 count with two out in the bottom of the 9th.

Sadly, I finally got around to watching Trust Me this week on TNT. Granted I love Tom Cavanagh but Trust Me is good stuff (and Tom is a runner himself so there's application to talk about it here;)). Written by a former advertising creative team from here in Chicago. Its been on for a while and I'm sorry that I'm finally catching on. Check it out if you haven't.

Rest day yesterday and I slept in this morning after winging it back to Chicago late last night. Went out for some road work after work work tonight. 6 miler. And it rocked. I've had some dead legs the last week but this run clicked. I ran with a smile and with purpose. It got me feeling all sassy. I like it.

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