Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Training Green

Here's one for earth month as it relates to endurance sports

Interesting bit of information in my USAT newsletter this morning...a product review for a technical apparel company called Greelayer.

If you clicked the link you'll see some basic positive comments from the wear testers, although it seemed that they only tried some of the tops. Its an interesting premise - manufacturing active wear from recycled polyester, bamboo, organic cotton, soy. And Greenlayer does produce a range of apparel (tops and bottoms for men and women) in addition to some accessories (bags, performance hats). With such a non-mainstream, new progressive company, I was surprised to only find these "sketches" or outlines of the apparel on the site as opposed to actual images. I would like to give one of their t-shirts a try but kinda feel like I need a little bit more to go on.

So whether you're truly earth conscious or just a poser that wants an outfit to wear to Whole Foods on the weekend (to complete your stainless steel bottle toting, re-usable bag carrying ensemble) its an interesting concept and may be worth a small investment to give it a try.

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