Sunday, November 28, 2010

And we're back

Although nothing much has changed. Looking back two years ago I was fighting the exact same injury - ITBS (Iliotibial band syndrome). The only thing that is different two years later is that it is on the right leg. It knocked me out of the Phoenix Marathon in 2009 and it gave me a DNF in the Philadelphia Marathon last weekend - my first DNF of anything.

The good thing this time around is that I'm not chasing the mildly uninformed opinion (when it comes to dealing with amateur endurance athletes) of a normally very capable orthopedist. I got right into my ART doc at Active Body Chiropractic immediately. Went through three weeks of intense treatment (including Graston) prior to the marathon with no running. See that's the trick with this injury - its a friction injury...of a tendon. Without getting all Mr. Biology, tendons don't get the healing love of unlimited blood flow that a working muscle does. Healing comes with rest, ice and lots of stretching (some strength - like of the glute med and the tfl). The more challenging task is to figure out the cause.

Eh, so there it is. Could be worse but could be better. Heading to ART tomorrow morning. And looking forward to lots of swimming this month (forced grin).

- Him

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