Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back to Reality

My lovely, restful two week break is coming to an end.  And while part of me is absolutely chomping at the bit to get back at it, the other part of me is going to miss being lazy.  Yes, I love being lazy.  Most people think that we actually love getting up super early in the morning and working out each day.  And while I do love the lifestyle and the way it makes me feel, I certainly don't love getting up at 4:30/5am any more than the next person.  And a two-week break from early morning alarms and running in the freezing cold and the monotony of the bike trainer has been absolute heaven.  Some of my other favorite things about this break:

1. Spending lots of quality time with my doggie (Lance!)....going on lots of walks and playing lots of ball.
2. Getting into work before just about everyone else in the morning....sometimes by 7:30am!  I love starting the day by checking things off the to-do list.
3. No schedules to worry about or coordinate with my hubby.
4. Birthday cupcakes and more birthday cupcakes.
5. Having the time to clean the house and decorate it beautifully for the holdays.
6. Hanging out in the evenings and watching TV with my hubby.
7. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep (oh, I love to sleep)....

Knowing that my body is going to be somewhat shocked when I ask it to start up again Monday, I decided to go for a short run this morning.  20 minutes.  That's all.  I figured it would be a breeze.  Ha.  It felt more like 20 miles.  Nevermind that I went out early in the morning and ran through a fresh had no traction, which meant my legs needed to work harder....but let's face it, I've lost some fitness and it was just plain hard.  So I've got some work to do to get Ironman training ready in the next two months and I need to be committed.  Monday is that day.  Tomorrow I will thoroughly enjoy my last day off by sleeping in, eating a lazy breakfast and having the rest of my leftover birthday cupcakes.  Then Monday starts my Ironman training journey and I am ready.  I'll let you know how that 4:30am wake-up call goes. :)

Happy Training!

- Her

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Trish said...

Good luck tomorrow morning!