Monday, December 6, 2010

Here we go!

A diary of my first day of Ironman training:

4:30am:  Cell phone alarm starts blaring Taio Cruz "Dynamite".....I jump out of bed and sprint across the room to grab it
4:31am:  Fall back into bed with cell phone in hand, cursing the start of Ironman training
4:37am:  Finally coax myself out of bed and get ready for the gym
4:48am:  Head out in the 11 degree temps and once in the car think how thankful I am for heated seats
5:05am: Get to the gym....still half asleep, I can barely remember the route I took to get there....quickly change and rush to go claim my lane; forget that at 5am, there is no one else swimming
5:09am: Choose my lane, put on goggles, hold my breath and jump in
5:09:30am: @*#%!!!!!!  FREEZING!!!
5:10am: Start swimming and put in a 1:55/100 on the warm up....I think, "not so bad"
5:25am:  Arms are burning and I want to quit....why do I do this?  Time to refocus....
5:46am:  Finish the workout (1300 yards....yay me!) and hit the hot tub
5:55am:  Hit the showers and partially get ready for work
6:20am:  Head home, realizing most people haven't even gotten up for the day yet
6:40am:  Give my hubby and puppy a hug and kiss, and rush to get the rest of the way ready for work
7:10am:  IronSpouse gives me a ride to the train because it's so cold out (thank you!!!)
8:00am:  Arrive at work and sit through six hours of conference calls, not eating lunch until 2pm (did I mention that swimming makes me RAVENOUS?!!!)
2:00pm:  Eat a lunch of turkey chili, almond nut crackers and pepperjack cheese, then proceed with three more hours of meetings
5:30pm:  Text hubby that I'm leaving in five minutes
5:46pm:  Actually leave for the day (decent time though....yay again!)
6:15pm:  Arrive in Oak Park and my guys meet me at the corner to walk home....sidewalks are COVERED in ice already!  No fun and I walk like I'm 99 years sense in risking a fall on my first day of Ironman training
6:30pm:  Arrive home (sweet home) and start prepping dinner, while putting away "stuff" from the day and packing for my work trip to NY and getting the bike trainer ready for an a.m. ride and setting out my biking clothes and playing with the dog and....
7:25pm:  I actually put a homemade meal on the table....chicken and asparagus casserole with side salads and cranberry sauce (I know, I know)
8:00pm:  Clean up dinner and prep sports nutrition for the morning
8:15pm:  Finish packing and call cab to schedule ride to O'Hare
8:45pm:  Snuggle with my doggie, while catching up on some more work e-mail and checking out the new FB profile
9:00pm:  Last doggie walk of the day
9:15pm:  Fall into bed EXHAUSTED and ready to do it all again tomorrow

Not bad, right?  Now I just have to keep it up for nine more months. :)

Happy Training!

- Her

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