Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reality check

I look back at my post from the first day of pre-season Ironman training last Monday and I was feeling so on top of things and excited about the training plan I had in front of me.  I had a great first day of training.  And then reality hit.

The next day (last Tuesday) I flew to NY for a business trip that resulted in two SUPER long days that caused me to miss out on lots of sleep and two more workouts.  Then when I got home last Wednesday night, I was so exhausted that I missed another workout and the nutrition was already in the toilet, so I decided I would start anew over the weekend.  I got in two okay workouts over the weekend, and carried the little momentum I had over to my workout yesterday (Monday....a new week!).  And then reality hit.

Two long days of work and I was mentally spent.  The only thing that is keeping me going is Starbucks and holiday treats (darn it people....can't we come up with healthy holiday treats?!!!).  I was "exhausted" this morning and missed another swim workout.  And now I'm bound and determined to get back on track tomorrow.

I know that I have a high-stress job, and it's the busy holiday season, and I'm still nine months out from this race....but honestly, those all seem like really bad excuses at this point.  Probably because I haven't really been able to commit to a solid training plan for the past several months and I'm scared to death that I won't be able to commit in January when it REALLY counts.  Because at that point there can be no more excuses....no more "I'm too tired" or "work is too busy" or "I'm traveling" or "just one more cookie."  I need to stop thinking and just get it done.  Or there will be no finish line for me on Sept. 11.....and that's one reality I just don't want to face.

- Her

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