Monday, January 31, 2011

Accessorizing for the Triathlete

Talk to enough triathletes and you'll find that most of us began this hobby on less than ideal equipment. Its like a right of passage...not quite sure what you're getting into so you don't want to make the investment. Then the bug bites and before you can say "drag coefficient" you know everything about compact cranks, power output, stride rate, VO2 max and hyponatremia.

So now that I'm all up in this triathlon business I often spend the off-season replacing, adding to or enhancing my training and race day weaponry. This off season has been kinda busy:
  • A new tri saddle (complete with cut out - ahhh much better)
  • Replacement Zoot Ultra TTs
  • Speedplay pedals for the road bike (2-sided goodness for all the starts and stops around here)
  • A new foam roller - thank you IT Band Syndrome
  • Plus I'm having the road steed completely rebuilt
So how are you accessorizing for the upcoming season?

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