Sunday, January 9, 2011

Detox - Day Two

Sorry for the lack of check-ins last week, but the first full week back to work post-holidays was a say the least.  For all my good new year intentions, I still fell completely apart within about six hours of walking into the office.  I still managed to get in all but two workouts and have gathered myself back together this weekend and feel ready to try again this week.

Despite the insanity of last week, I stuck to the plan to start the much-anticipated holiday detox yesterday.  And I'm not gonna' one sucked.  Yep, just downright sucked.  No other way to say it.  The foundation for this detox is two shakes per day made with this all-natural "Protoclear" powder.  It isn't THAT bad, but it's really hard to mix into things and definitely leaves a bad aftertaste and a kind of burning in my throat (pleasant, eh?).  Yesterday, I had one of the Protoclear shakes in the morning (made with coconut milk) and then followed up mid-morning with a piece of chicken sausage and some fruit.  For lunch I had some deli turkey, cucumber slices and multi-seed gluten free crackers (these are VERY tasty!).  Another Protoclear shake in the afternoon and then a grilled chicken salad and sweet potato for dinner.  As you can see, I'm definitely not starving myself.  But do you notice what's missing from this menu?  CAFFEINE!  and SUGAR!  The two things I've been living on for the past couple of months.  Let's just say the body was not prepared for the absence of caffeine and sugar and promptly decided to let me know it was unhappy through a piercing headache and overwhelming fatigue.  I was completely out of it on the couch by 7pm on a Saturday night.  I seriously dreamt about throwing my Protoclear off the terrace and driving myself to the nearest Starbucks.  But then I woke up....

And today has been just a little bit better.  Headache is not quite as intense, and even though I'm still fairly fatigued, I'm still mostly awake at 3:15pm.  And funny thing is, I'm actually enjoying eating a lot of the fruits and veggies.  Funny how sweet carrots taste when you eliminate all other sugar from your diet!  My sincere hope is that things continue to improve a little bit day by day, until this feels more like a way of life than an "elimination" diet for me.  I've got two more days eating meat and then Wednesday I switch to fish only until next weekend.  Now that will be REALLY tough.  But hopefully the results will be worth it.  I'll report back in later this week and let you know. :)

- Her

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