Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Detox - Day.....Five?!!!

How can today only be day 5 of this 14 day detox?  I seriously feel like I've been doing this for weeks.  All has been going okay.  Kind of boring food, TONS of dishes and very, very time consuming.  I'm getting used to the taste of the shakes, and dare I say even look forward to them now?  I'm done with the caffeine headaches (yes!) and still feeling slightly sluggish, but a little better every day.  So, all good, right?

I sent my hubby a text today at 10:17am that said, "I want to quit this diet." (Of course he replied with a simple, "no.")

There was no good reason for me wanting to quit the detox at that moment.  Except I was already having a rough day at work....I didn't see it getting any better....and I wanted my Starbucks.  Or a Diet Pepsi.  And I wanted it bad.  It was THE ONLY THING IN THE WORLD THAT WAS GOING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER.  And I truly thought that.  Can you say emotional eater (or drinker in my least it's only Starbucks and not alcohol or I'd have MAJOR problems!).

On some level I've always known that I deal with my stress by comforting myself with food (don't we all to some extent?).  But today was a light bulb moment.  I am turning to food (usually chocolate) or drinks (Starbucks or Diet Pepsi) every single time I am stressed.  And with my job right now and training for an Ironman, that's more often than not.  So, unless I want to continue to pack on the pounds, I need to quickly retrain myself to react a different way when I'm stressed.  But unfortunately I have no idea where to start.  For today I am happy that for the first time in a really, really long time, I did not give in to the temptation (and instead ate every last healthy snack in my lunch bag!).  And that's a small victory.  Now if only I would have made it to the pool tonight....

Anyone have any tips/techniques they'd like to share for avoiding stress eating?  I'd love to hear them!

- Her

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