Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Meat Day!

We're in the home stretch of Jen's nutritional detox and after six straight days of fish we are celebrating Meat Day today!

Carnivores unite. Tonight I shall consume something that used to be out walking around.

And don't take this celebration the wrong way. I love me some fish. And it has certainly been a healthy dietary detour. And as a bonus I figure this fulfills my lenten obligations as well. You know, just getting it out of the way early. A little Catholic extra credit if you will.

And speaking of things dietary....I've started a little experiment of my own today. The 70 oz a day water challenge. Why? Well last week, thinking that I just fell off the endurance sport turnip truck, the sports masseuse told me that I should be drinking half my weight (number) in ounces of water each day. Well d'uh. But then I really thought about it. I'm not certain I hit that number during the day. I mean sure when its the middle of summer at the height of training I blow that mark out of the water (so to speak) but just casually during the day sitting at my desk? I'm not so sure. So that's my objective for the next week - drink at least 70 oz of water a day. More about this in the next few days...positive/negative side effects, articles that sort of thing.

- Him.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan, that's a wee bit of an experiment compared to Jen's detox.

J2 said...

Wee is right. Good god I can't stop peeing! And yes Jen is totally a rock star. However I would wager to 95% of the general population my daily diet is already a nutritional detox. Plain, straight out of the can tuna with mustard and no bread anyone?

- Him.