Saturday, January 15, 2011

Making progress one butt cheek at a time

More ART therapy goodness at Active Body Chiro this week. Finally getting to the point where we are beginning post recovery treatment and what will become preventative treatment. This seems to include deep tissue massage.

Now as weird as it sounds I'm not a big fan of the massage. I prefer to keep strangers who touch me to a minimum. But there I was earlier this week lying face down waiting for the sports masseuse with nothing but the thinest of sheets to prudently cover my backside. And since all my chronic issues originate at my hips and glutes that is exactly where this journey into the land of deep tissue massage began.

Now I can probably count on one hand the number of people who have touched my naked bum. And that includes the doctor who delivered me and my mom who changed my diaper. Well a little Filipino lady totally party-crashed that circle of trusted individuals Thursday afternoon. I thought maybe we'd start a little more casual, like a couple of drinks and a quick go around the calves. I was even ready to let her have a little upper thigh. But she had an obvious and aggressive agenda when she entered that aromatically infused room and went right for the fleshy goods. And while I kept our encounter both sophisticated and professional, I was nervously talking a blue streak the entire time I was subject to her healing hands.

Not quite sure where this new trist is going. I may play the field a bit. In fact there's a foam roller in the corner that's been giving me the come hither.

- Him

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