Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prendo questo! (I'll take it!)

My search for properly fitting cycling/tri apparel (specifically shorts) has now whisked me away to Italy. Enter the newest brand in my cycling arsenal - Giordana where a small is still a small. Yes, the same country that birthed da Vinci, Pavarotti, Espresso and the Mona Lisa is also, apparently, the home to teams of wee men like myself. Of course all signs pointing to the contrary - I mean have you seen the Sistine Chapel? God created Adam in his own image...which I guess was that of a WWE wrestler. But I digest.

So I guess my waist is now an expat.

Cycling shorts are meant to hug and snug and over the last 5-6 years US men's "smalls" have put on a little weight. I can't tell you how many different shorts (again both cycling and tri) that I have purchased (and returned) all via the interwebs - heaven forbid any of the local cycling/multisport shops would ever carry a men's small. Oh the shame. My kind has been banished to shop in online anonymity. And, yes getting the size just right is a pretty big deal - without going into too much detail an ill fitting chami can do some rather serious harm to ones undercarriage (and that taint no lie;) ).

Yeah, I know, I one feels sorry for the plight of the small. I can't go but a few days without hearing "well if you gained some weight" or "hey bird legs" (the latter being my wife's so sexy pet name for me - thanks hun). So its across the pond for me. Grazie Giordana, the shorts fit great. Looking forward to trying them out very soon. Ciao! 

- Him

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