Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. - Week of Feb 7

Happy Sunday the 13th!  News from The Triathlife....Training is finally picking up. He is still in his preseason scatter plan and she started IM training (officially) this week.

The Good.
The good came in three this week. 1) Jen arrived home on Monday from a long, long week in Dallas. I don't know who's tail was wagging more mine or the dog's. Just glad to have the pack back together again. 2) Retrieved my trusted Italian steed from local bike mechanic/guru at Bike Fix. Oh he looks all pretty. I just can't wait to take him out of the stables for the first road ride of the season. 3) Had a great night on Saturday night with the Salt Creek Tri Club - yoga with Yoga's Edge and then a stop at the pub across the street. Nothing like a beer while you're still all zen from yoga.

Well I was just as glad to get home from Dallas, as they were to see me!  It was a long 10 days for sure, without much sleep, good nutrition or workouts.  It was just GO, GO, GO!!!  But other than that, the highlight of my week was definitely the official start of my IM training program with Well Fit.  One week in and I'm already feeling like I made a really, really good choice by joining that team.  Love both of my coaches and the group workouts keep me super motivated!  Hopefully this feeling lasts....still about 30 weeks to go. :)

The Bad.
First race versus family/friend obligation conflict of year has occurred. The youngest Schmit has his masters degree recital (piano) the night before the First Midwest Bank Southwest Half Mary (Palos Heights). The recital is in East Lansing. I missed both his HS and college graduations and I've never seen any of his recitals. And he is really, really good. I could do both but would be racing on very, very little sleep. Hmmmm....

Almost one week home and I'm still not feeling fully recovered from Super Bowl.  I think it's as much mental as physical.  I've gotten some good sleep, but haven't been able to totally shut down from work and I desperately need to (vacation next week, just need to hold on!).  This led me to miss a couple of workouts during my first week of training this past week.  I think I missed a run and strength.  Not a good feeling, even though I know I so needed the rest.  Oh well...onward and upward!

The Ugly.
Eh, I'll pick on the weather. Although the temps broke this weekend it was so freakin cold earlier in the week. First the snow and then the cold. C'mon spring. Please be impatient and arrive early.

My nutrition.  That has definitely been UGLY for the past two weeks.  I worked so dang hard to get myself back to clean eating during the detox and now I'm pretty much back to square one.  Although I didn't have any caffeine today and don't have a withdrawal headache, so maybe I'm not as bad off as I think.  I spent about $300 this weekend at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, so I have NO excuses not to get back to eating like an athlete this week.  Already prepped dinner for tomorrow too....tuna bake without the biscuits on top the recipe calls for!  Pair it with a big salad and we'll be good to go!

Have a good week all!

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