Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Love Affair with Zoot

These are my magic running slippers....

I bought them a little less than a year ago and used them to race - both tri's and road races - all last season.  They literally make me run faster.  I am not kidding you.  I PR'd the 10k distance on one of the toughest courses I've ever run at the Bang's Lake Tri last August.  And I blew away my expectations at the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November.  They not only make me run faster, but they are as comfortable as wearing your favorite pair of cozy slippers.  They are Zoots.

Since I am obsessed with these shoes and could no longer wear them with barefeet when the frigid Chicago winter came around (and they don't fit with socks), I bought a pair of Zoot Advantage 2.0.....and I love those too.  Maybe not quite as much as my racers, but I do love them.  And now that summer is right around the corner again (a girl can hope, right?), I'm going to buy a pair of the Zoot Tempo 4.0 for my longer Ironman training runs this summer.  My IronSpouse thinks I am crazy, but I am in love.  With Zoot.  Well yes, with my IronSpouse too...but I digress.

I had a brick run this morning, after my first outdoor ride of the season (2:15 of riding, NOT on the trainer....yippee!).  Given that it was my first outdoor ride of the year, that run should have been misery.  But with my magic running slippers it was pure heaven.  Thank you Zoot for making such thoughtful, comfortable and FAST running shoes, designed specifically for triathletes.  You have a fan for life!

- Her

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