Monday, May 16, 2011

An update on my Ironman journey...

Once again it's been a while since I've written on The Triathlife.  Excuses are all the same....busy at work, busy in personal life and lots of training.  Mostly lots of training.  So I'm going to try something new, thanks to the super suggestion of my IronSpouse.

I track all of my training on a triathlon site called Beginner Triathlete.  I track my workouts, how I'm progressing, how I'm feeling, etc.  It's a great overview of my Ironman journey.  So instead of trying to get my tired over-extended brain to come up with brand new posts for this blog, I'm going to share excerpts from my training log.  Hopefully it will be a good glimpse into the life of an Ironman in training (for anyone out there in Facebook or Twitter land that cares!).  To all of my BT friends who already see this in my logs: feel free to move on now. :)

And with that, a look at this past weekend of training (it was my final BUILD week in this training block so was supposed to be fairly high volume for this point in the training plan)....

(5am) Bike trainer = 2h 32m, 35.7 miles
Did this on the trainer. Ugh. So monotonous. I really wanted to try to get outside tomorrow, but the weather forecast is horrific. I'll do cold, rain, wind....but not all at the same time. Just not worth it right now. So the trainer it was. I worked hard. Sweat right through two towels....yuck. So glad it's over.

(7:55am) Transition run = 10m 44s, 1.06 miles
BRICK! Felt pretty okay. Was FREEZING because I was so sweaty from the bike and it was so cold and windy out!

So, today's long workout is out of the way.  Really focused on my recovery afterward and need to get in a good stretch, probably after we take the dog out for a walk.  Tomorrow is a long run (which should be fun in the cold, wind and rain) and a recovery swim.  Then rest week.  I can.not.wait!  Very happy the knee didn't bother me this morning.  I hope it cooperates for the run tomorrow too.  Happy, happy Saturday!
(5:50am) Long run = 1h 50m 24s, 10.32 miles
Well, this wasn't the most pleasant long run I have ever done. It was low 40s, 25mph winds and raining for the ENTIRE run. But I got it done. Legs didn't feel great, but they definitely held out for me, so I'm happy with that. No major issues to be concerned with. And thrilled with my AHR/pace for as windy as it was. All in all a solid workout.   

(10:50am) Swim = 34m 37s, 1500 yards

The pool was a zoo this morning. I got smacked across the head by my lane mate so many times that I thought I was open water swimming. I was also super low on energy. But glad I got this in because the legs are feeling better because of it.
Workouts COMPLETE!  And couldn't be any happier to have a full rest/recovery week ahead of me.  This should work pretty well because my legs should be somewhat recovered going into Baraboo weekend (this is a tri training camp with our club).

Since the weather is so nasty out, a long doggie walk is out of the question.  So other than playing some fetch with Lance around the house, I'm giving myself permission to be totally lazy for the rest of this day. 

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