Friday, June 10, 2011

The Darker Days of Ironman Training

This is my blog entry from this morning's workout:

(5:30am) Bike trainer = 1h 10m; 16.2 miles
Felt absolutely horrible. Legs have nothing left to give, even after a rest day. I had to stop like three times to talk myself into continuing. And I could barely get my heart rate into Z2. Sometimes I wonder if workouts like this are even worth it.

This has been a rough week.  I'm feeling run-down and overly tired.  Legs are trashed.  Eye infection.  Allergies.  Crazy weather.  Pool closed.  The list could go on and on.  All of it contributed to getting way off my training schedule and now I feel all guilty and out of sorts.  I know not every week can be perfect, but I feel like I'm running out of time and just don't have any more time for "off" weeks like this. All of my friends who have done Ironman before warned me that there would be dark times like this.  I just didn't know it would make me feel this bad.  It's like the training has become so central to who I am that it's defining my good days and bad days. I'm also told for as many darker days I experience, there will be an equal amount of bright days.  I'm hoping those will come soon!

Speaking of brighter days, at least I got in all of my biking this week, which for me is probably most important.  Huge weekend ahead, with a long run (2:10) and swim tomorrow, and a long bike (4:45) on Sunday.  Just need to focus, take care of myself and GET IT DONE.

- Her

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