Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feeling buggy

Put in 2000m in the outdoor pool this morning at Ridgeland Commons (Oak Park). Due to time constraints brought on by, I had to trim my workout down from 2800. Still had a little swim hangover from the weekend race. Arms were a little fatigued so I did my best just to focus on form by picking something different to work on for each length of the pool.

I generally swim among the medium paced populace but this morning I placed myself in the fast lanes due to spacing and availability. The fast folks generally intimidate most of the recreational swimming traffic. But honestly, what's so intimidating about an averagely toned dude in his mid-forties standing there all proud of himself in his rainbow swirl banana hammock. Take that guy out of the pool and place him, as is, out in the middle of the street and now we're all pointing and laughing at the crazy old pervert. So I jumped in with the banana man and stayed out of his way. I am aware how fast/slow I am and while I don't respect that particular Speedo, I do respect a dude who can swim in said skivvies and do so at a fast clip.

Twas a fine time to be swimming in the out doors this morning. The air was cool and the pool was warm and -- quite buggy. Jen took umbrage with the floating dead insects but on my swimming gross-o-meter, bugs rank pretty low (I'll save the stray-floating-hair-that-gets-caught-in-my-goggle-and-I-can-feel-it-on-my-bald-head-creep-out-dance for another post). The issue I have isn't so much swimming through a few dead insects, its when you hop in the shower after and you find out that a few got wedged inside your jammers and their final resting place is near and around your legs and naughty bits. Ewww - I know, right?

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