Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tough Day in the Saddle

Ironman training is starting to get serious.  This was the second build week of this "training block" and I was scheduled for about 7.5 hours of training this weekend.  It started yesterday with a 50 minute run and a 1.5 hour bike to "pre-fatigue" the legs for today's longer ride.  So, my legs were nice and tired at the start of today's ride....

Bike: 4:45:48; 76.5 miles
This was the Udder Century in McHenry County in the FAR northwest side of the Chicago 'burbs. Ride started out AWESOME. Was feeling great and felt like I was getting my nutrition in. It was overcast and we got sprinkled on at the start. Actually felt really good. Somewhere along the way the clouds broke up and it got super sunny and hot. Around 55 miles I just wasn't feeling very well any more. I think I slacked a bit on drinking my Gatorade (Endurance Formula) as I should have finished 3+ bottles, but probably came up at least a half bottle short. Lesson learned. I was holding a good pace (just under 17mph) for most of the ride, but just lost it in the last 20 miles. Both physically and mentally. Absolutely lost it and just limped it in. I had no idea how I was going to go for a run....

Run: 25:58; 2.39 miles
I was feeling so rotten I almost didn't head out for this run, but thought I at least had to try. 30 minutes was on the schedule, but I thought I'd be lucky to get in 10-15. But as soon as I started running, I actually felt better. For the first 10-15 minutes I thought maybe I was going to get my second wind. Then I turned around and had the wind at my back. I was burning up, which led to me overheating and my HR skyrocketing out of control. I had to walk a few times on the way back to the car, but still managed to get in a solid 26 minutes. Not bad considering the circumstances.

Today is the first day since I signed up for IM WI that I have questioned my sanity, and worse, whether I can really do this.  As terrible as I was feeling at the end of that ride, it's really overwhelming to think that I would still have to ride another 36 miles and run another 23+.  But I guess I can't let myself get that far ahead.  The race is still more than three months away and there's lots of training still to be done.  TONS of riding still ahead.  Today was my first really long ride, so I know I should cut myself some slack.  And I really held back because I knew I had to run afterward.  But it's tough to mentally struggle and as I sit here still feeling a little dehydrated and out of sorts, it's hard to find the positive.  I sure wish I had a rest week ahead, but it's the third build week in this training block so lots more training to do.  Time to recover (which, by the way, I am not doing such a good job at) and get back at it!

- Her

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Jen. I'm tired reading about your weekend. That's some serious time spent riding and running.

- Nathan