Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lazy No More

The last two weeks have been glorious.  I haven't gotten out of bed before 6am and I haven't done one swim, bike or run workout.  I haven't had to lay out any workout clothes or wash any water bottles.  I've barely thought about triathlon other than updating this blog once and constantly reminding myself (or trying to convince myself?) that this lazy lifestyle would not suit me long term.  But oh I have enjoyed it!

I've also been able to accomplish a whole lot at both work and home, catching up after months of being crunched for time while I spent ridiculous amounts of time riding my bike.  I've cleaned out my closet.  Planned a menu AND cooked!  Cleaned the pantry.  Walked the dog.  Drank wine.  Drank more wine.  I've loved spending time with my boys!

But tomorrow I start my transition back to an endurance lifestyle.  Only four short months until Ironman training starts again and I've got lots to accomplish before then.  So tomorrow I will set my alarm (BOO!) and head to the pool for a short swim.  I have to say that I'm actually kind of excited and this means the downtime has been good for me!

In the meantime I'll enjoy one more night of laziness with take-out Mexican and a movie.  If I'm blessed with good health, it will be another year before I take another break this long.  I plan to enjoy every last second....

- Her

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