Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We are triathletes....resistance is futile

The Triathlife is currently going through 8 weeks of pre-season training sessions that will help bridge this gap between off-season de-conditioning (rest) and the official start of Ironman training (which begins in earnest the week of Feb 5th). We have hitched our Ironman dreams to Well-Fit, a Chicago area triathlon coach and training group. Jen used Well-Fit last season and really wanted to use them again because of her success and familiarity. And because of our matching 2012 racing schedules, we have decided that for our sanity it makes most sense to be working with the same coach and training schedule - God help us! :)

During this 8 week session we'll progress through a micro periodization plan for base building, strength, power and speed. We are given weekly training plans and meet as a class on Tuesday for Computrainer/Running/Strength and then on Thursdays for a swim session. Its going to be an interesting pre-season since I am also layering over top of all this my own strength training plan and a half marathon plan (running half marathon in February).

Here was my take away from doing our first class together last night...and its not what you'd think.

We have either spent far too much time together or we have become the triathlete equivalent of the Borg (unless you're a Next Gen Trekkie you may need to look up exactly what a Borg is).

The coach noticed right away that we have his and hers tri bikes but that's just the tip of the 'berg. We both have the same brand of cycling shoes, we have his and hers Zoot running shoes (Ultra TTs), we have his and hers cycling helmets, we have his and hers transition bags and we basically take on the same nutrition (G!) in the same bottles (we always order in pairs or fours). And as I mentioned, we are doing the exact same race schedule next year.

Like I said...we are either taking that whole "two shall become one" marriage vow stuff a little too literally or ...

We are the triathletes...resistance is futile.

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