Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday no shows

Plenty of holiday no-shows at Well-Fit's pre-season training class last night. I think there were only 5 of us there....lots of lonely computrainers (that's not Well Fit there on the right but that's kinda what class looked like).

Last night  was a bit more run focused with the workout being a rotation of cycle, run, strength. After a 10' warm up on the bike it was 2-times through the following:
  • Cycle: 5' (1' big ring @70rpm + 1' shift down + 1' shift down + 2' ez)
  • Run: 6x (2' @2-3%incline + 30" 5-6%incline)
  • Strength: lots of medicine ball work (throwing, twisting hand-offs, squats, sit ups)

Hill work baby. And that is one thing that every Chicago area runner lacks is hill work. Any time I travel and go for a run I am reminded just how flat Chicago is...and its my hamstrings that do the reminding the day after the run.

I really dig going to class because I am so attentive to my cycling. On my own over the winter I generally auto pilot a bit on the trainer while occupying myself with whatever is on the DVR. In class, however, your progress and effort is right up on the screen. I hate being held accountable to my effort like that but it is good for me and I actually do like the work. I like when my body can overcome my mental weakness. I also like that I am in April/May cycling fitness and its still December.

This morning I followed last night's pain train with speed work out on the road. 4 half-mile repeats. I'm laying a half marathon training program over top of the weekly workouts that are provided by Coach Liz at Well-Fit.  The wonky scheduling the last two weeks has forced me to do my speed work the Wed morning following these power intervals at the Tues night class. Its no fun but it has to I do it. Just paying real close attention to my recovery - stretching, nutrition.

Game on.

- Him

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