Friday, December 30, 2011

How much would you pay to run 26.2?

Originally I was going to post about my tempo run from last night (6.37 miles with 4 mile tempo within @6:32 pace) but this caught my eye this morning regarding the increased fee to run the NYC Marathon:

"Americans who are not in the club will pay $255, while non-U.S. citizens will pay $347."

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And if that's not enough, they still slap you with an $11 fee to process the application. Honestly, what gives NYC? That's over $100 more than other big city Marathons (Chicago $150, LA $145). Even the what once was seemingly very expensive Disney Marathon is still only $150.

For my money and for an overall "truer to the running experience" I am becoming a big supporter of the small local marathon. In most cases they are untarnished and untouched by the big corporate sponsor and most have that grass roots vibe and a feeling of community. And there are plenty of them. This past October I ran the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee (registration capped at 3500) and have nothing but great things to say about the race organizers, the route and the volunteers. I felt like I was out on an well supported club run. I didn't have a great personal race but it was a lot of fun.

By the way, if you want the experience of running in NY while having an absolute good time without taking out a second mortgage, check out the New York Road Runners Midnight Run in Central Park on New Year's Eve (  Its not too late to register;)


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