Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, Monday

Today's story is one of my Monday morning colossal workout FAILURE.  I got all of my workout (and work stuff) ready before I went to bed last a good little triathlete.  Still, when the alarm goes off at 4:30am it is NEVER easy to get out of bed.  It's especially not easy on a Monday morning.  But I did it.  Got my a$$ out of bed at 4:30am (well, maybe more like 4:35am) and went to the gym to swim.  As I kicked off my flip flops I thought, "wow, my feet are really cold....are my feet always this cold?"  Then I stuck my toe in the water....

It was FRIGID.  I thought maybe it was all in my head, so I put on my goggles and jumped in.  Nothing better than jumping into a tub of ice cubes at 5:20am on a Monday morning!  Yep, still cold.  The lady in the lane next to me was swimming happily along (maybe she was part penguin or polar bear?), and stopped for a second to tell me it would get better after about 100 yards.  Okay, here goes nothing!  I dive in, scream a little under water and get an instant brain freeze.  But, like my fellow swimmer told me, after a few laps it didn't really seem THAT cold.  Fast forward a few more laps...

I start getting dizzy and feeling really nauseous.  This is definitely not fun.  But I HATE not finishing a workout.  I watch a few other swimmers jump in for a few laps and then get out.  Kind of amusing actually.  Even more amusing was the guy who tried to get in the cold hot tub...boy was that a shock for him!  A couple hundred more yards and I was DONE.

SWIM = 800 yards, 16:42

Come to find out that a new night employee turned on the water last night and forgot to turn it back off, basically re-filling the entire pool (and whirlpool!) with freezing cold water.  It was probably not even 70 degrees (for context, they usually keep this pool at around 80 degrees).  Not the best way to start a Monday, but I assure you I was wide awake and ready to start my day!

Unfortunately the rest of the day wasn't much better, but it did end with some delicious lemon-garlic chicken and rice, with a little salad and gluten free cornbread.  I forgot to take pics!  Next time.

Until then....have a good week y'all!

- Her

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