Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Thursday morning 25 meters at a time

Pool time this am with coach Tim (Well Fit).  Since these preseason sessions started my Thursdays typically begin with a violent wake up from my iPhone at 4:40am. I have to get up early to make coffee in order to clear the pipes before heading to the pool. While that's brewing I take the dog out to clear his. Since the cold weather has set in he has typically made very quick work of his business in the morning...the only thing he wants more than this intestinal relief is to get back to his warm bed. I can't blame him. I can think of a thousand other things that I'd rather be doing than heading to jump in a lap pool with several other half naked strangers on a dark cold morning. But out the door we go by 5:40am to be to the UIC gym when it opens at 6:00am. Today's workout was a mixed bag. Some technique and some power. Even threw in some fast at the end. I have a feeling that more intensity is headed our way in the last three weeks of this preseason session.

Other than general survival, coach Tim has me working on my hand entry into the water. My self teaching lead me astray and I enter the water thumb down...this was taught to swimmers in the past to create the S pull shape. So I would enter the water thumb-first, then press out, sweep back in, and then finally back out past my thigh. It has always felt normal in a way and in a way it was tearing my shoulders apart due to the shear mechanics of getting my arm position right during the pull phase. Coach Tim wants me to work on entering the water with my pinky - this over correction will eventually get me to level out my hand entry. But its pinky for now. Although its really inefficient feeling my hand position is putting my arm in the correct position for a clean "catch" and I'm actually using and fully engaging the correct muscles to swim - my lats (as opposed to my shoulder/delts)

Well lookie came here for an update and we meandered into a swim lesson. Make sure you pay the lady on your way out.

Good Thursday y'all.


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Laura B. said...

I didn't opt-in for a swimming lesson!