Friday, January 27, 2012

Poll Question - Is this the sh*t you say?

By now you've seen these videos floating around the social networking landscape or within whatever endurance forum you frequent. Most folks immediately respond something like "I have totally heard people having these conversations!" And to that I say BS! No one wants to admit it BUT WE HAVE ALL SAID THESE THINGS. Myself included. For endurance athletes, these superficial conversational topics are the small talk equivalence of "how about this weather?" or "how about those Bears?" We are who we are...embrace it. Watch all three and then own up to it - what is the one gem that hit closest to home?

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J2 said...

Reading "I'm Here to Win" by Chris McCormack and I have uttered the phrase "I hear Macca eats these." Also "just a C race...just gonna train through it." and "i got this weird IT band thing."