Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pre-Season 2012 Wrap Up

Final week of Pre-season 2012 class with Well Fit Triathlon & Training. Training ran from Nov 29th through this past week. Classes met: Tuesday nights at Well-Fit Training Center for a 75 minute varied format class of bike, run and strength; And, Thursday morning at the UIC west pool for 60 minutes focusing on stroke technique and efficiency. Coach Liz Waterstraat then filled in the rest of the week with an online training plan consisting of swim, bike, run (natch) and strength workouts. 

Having already signed up for Well-Fit's Ironman Wisconsin Training program (which begins Feb 6) this seemed like a worthwhile investment. My goal is to hit the ground running at the start of February. Being kinda stuck indoors for most of, if not all, December and January this program really did help to accelerate my fitness especially in the bike and swim. 

On the bike, I especially benefited from using the CompuTrainers at Well Fit on Tuesday nights. CompuTrainers give you a more realistic road feeling. You can't cheat the CompuTrainer. And since I also have this thing for seeking the approval of those in "authority" (yes, even at freaking 40 years old), I really kinda wanted to show Coach Liz that I was no chump. 

In the pool I benefited from having someone watch me swim. And I mean in the coaching sense. Not the creepy guy who sits in the hot tub leering at the lap swimmers sense. Most of us non swimmer types need a load of help and within 25 meters of watching me swim, a coach could readily rattle off 10 things I do incorrectly...just in my push off from the wall. But instead of overwhelming us, Coach Tim zeroed in on one thing for each person to work on based on our individual needs. For me it was my crossing over and catch. My hand was entering the water thumb down. Coach Tim wanted me to over correct, turn my hand over and enter my hand pinky first. I noticed an immediate difference. 

So for me the program was worth the price especially given my year ahead. We had access to facilities, equipment and coaches - both of whom are incredibly nice, easy going and great to talk to. I would definitely recommend to others but with the caveat of weighing cost/benefit versus personal goals. 

- Him

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